We have been cleared by the school to move forward at this time with our camp offerings.  With that being said, we have put safety procedures in place for all of our camps due to COVID-19.  Please read through all of our safety measures before you go to the online registration link for payment.  Due to several factors, we have had to limit the number of campers allowed to participate in our many sessions, so even though you may have "filled out the google form", the only thing that will guarantee your spot in a session is completing the online registration payment through our new Sports Engine account.  Once you have completed making payment through the online registration, you will get confirmation of your payment. Under the current situation of COVID-19, I hope that you all understand and appreciate the need to limit our numbers and sessions. Grade Level Camps will be capped at the first 48 to make payment, 3-on-3 League will be capped at the first 48 to make payment, Small-Sided Games will be capped at the first 48 to make payment, Jr. Shooting Stars will be capped at the first 32 to make payment, and Shooting Stars will be capped at the first 32 to make payment.  PLEASE READ THE SAFETY MEASURES BELOW BEFORE REGISTERING ONLINE VIA THE LINK AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE.


Craig Haase Basketball Camps Inc.

It is the intention of Craig Haase Basketball Camps Inc. to take measures to ensure the health and safety of our players, staff and families.  By adhering to the parameters set by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Waukesha County and Arrowhead Union High School we will provide a safe environment.  Please read and be familiar with our Safety Plan.



Daily Mobile Check-In Form has to be submitted by every staff member, volunteer, and camper, that confirms they have no symptoms.  Parents must submit the form EVERY day in order for their camper to participate. This form will be emailed to the parent the day before camp begins.

Parents Please Be On TIME-- Because we are trying to minimize large groups gathering, we must do everything possible to be on time for drop off and pick up.  Please do not drop off early as there will be nowhere for the camper to go until their camp time starts.  Then they will have a window of 15 minutes to arrive and report to their assigned basket.  Arrival time will be the first fifteen minutes of the scheduled camp to give adequate time to clean facilities and equipment and get kids in and out of the gym safely.

Parents Please drop off campers, leave, and pick up with the exception of K-1 camp where one parent is allowed to stay and enter with the child while staying 6 feet apart from all other people during the session.  If your child is anxious on the first day of 2nd/3rd grade camp, one parent can stay; again staying 6 feet apart from all other people during the camp.

Parents please watch the video to see drop off and pick up spots.  A Video will be sent out to all Parents/Campers before camp starts demonstrating all of the above safe practices, where drop off and pick up will be, how to enter the gym, how to use the hand sanitizer, how to report to your assigned basket, etc.



Campers will enter one door (door 15) at the start of camp and exit a different door to avoid contact with new groups.  (A coach will supervise pick up.)

Campers will use hand sanitizer upon entering the gym and exiting the gym when camp is over.

Campers will have their own water bottles with names on them (no water fountains are available).

Campers will place water bottles and belongings against the far north wall.

Campers will take water breaks by themselves, or only with those on their team, or cohort.

Campers will immediately go to an assigned basket where there will be no more than 6 campers and 1 coach.  (Most camps will have 4-6 players and one coach.)

Campers will be in cohorts where they will remain for the entire week of camp; limiting their exposure to only those in the cohort (4-12 campers).



Basketballs and any shared equipment will be sanitized after each session.



Coaches will model clean hands, proper distancing, and discuss these with campers.

Daily Mobile Check-In (see above)



The total number of campers at grade level, small sided games, or 3-on-3 in each session is limited to 48 total campers due to COVID-19. In many cases the number will be less, but 48 is the most possible.  Shooting Camps will be capped at 32 total campers per session.  YOUR CONFIRMATION FOR ANY CAMP IS BASED ON SUBMITTING PAYMENT VIA THE NEW ONLINE PLATFORM.



Any Questions please contact Coach Haase at or in an emergency 262-497-8261

GRADE LEVEL CAMP INFORMATION                                        

**Special Notes:  All Camps Provided by Craig Haase Basketball Camps Inc.

  • Smaller balls and lower baskets will be used for players going into 3rd grade or younger.

  • Family rate for Grade Level Camp Only:  2 or more campers = $15.00 discount off the combined total price

  • Each camper will get a camp basketball and t-shirt.

  • There will be 1 coach for every 8 campers.

  • Daily schedule consists of defensive principles, ball handling, station work, finish with games


For the 10th time, Craig Haase Basketball Camps, Inc. will provide a shooting camp for Boys entering 3rd, 4th, 5th, or 6th grade. Only 32 players will be allowed into each session in order to give personal attention to each player’s shot. Jr. size balls will be used with regulation 10 foot hoops.  Former and current Arrowhead stars and current college basketball players will be guests at camp.

The daily camp routine is to provide a place for players to shoot over 100 shots / day and become fundamentally sound shooters. All campers will be videotaped, and a coach will break down the film with each player. We will also teach one-on-one moves to the campers to increase their offensive skills. There will be only 3 sessions and each session will last four days (must have 20 campers to have camp).  Every camper will get a camp shirt.  You are also guaranteed a one-on-one session with Coach Haase if desired.


For the 25th year, the “Shooting Stars” basketball camp will be offered to BOYS entering grades 7th-9th. This camp is for the SERIOUS PLAYER who wants to improve their game through hard work! Only 24 players will be allowed into each session in order to give personal attention to each player’s shot.  Staff includes former Arrowhead stars, current Arrowhead coaches, current college coaches, college players and current Arrowhead players.

The daily camp routine is to provide a place for players to shoot over hundreds of shots and become fundamentally sound shooters.  Every camper will be videotaped, and then a coach will break down the video with the camper.  Also, each player will get an opportunity to use the automatic rebounding machine.  Every camper will get a camp shirt.   You are also guaranteed a one-on-one session with Coach Haase if desired.

3 on 3 League

Arrowhead Boys Basketball will be running 3 on 3 Basketball Leagues in the summer for 5th-8th grade boys.

Coach Haase & staff will lead a 10-minute skills work to start each session that will give players drills to work on at home and potentially improve the overall quality of live play that will follow in the three 15-minute 3 on 3 games. Boys will need to bring their own basketball each week, please make sure to mark your ball with your name. We will take the first 32 5th and 6th grade players and the first 32 7th and 8th grade players to sign up for each 4 day session. There will only be a maximum of 4 players on a team and every player will play equal amounts in all games.  Coaches will referee and help teach players how to be successful in 3 on 3 play. 


Arrowhead Boys Basketball and Craig Haase Basketball Camps Inc. will be running new camps this summer that will include only game play.  Kids love to play games and we believe they can learn just as much or more while having fun playing games then through rote drilling of fundamentals. These camps will consist only of different types of 1 on 1, 2 on 2, 3 on 3 games, and 4 on 4 games.  We are excited to offer these new camps with an emphasis on game playing to develop skill!


  • East and West Gyms are located at Arrowhead High School, 800 North Avenue, Hartland, WI 53029

  • Please enter door 15 at Arrowhead North Campus

  • Check in will take place in the lobby of door 15 between the two gyms.

  • Confirmation can be checked at under youth camps

  • Any questions please call Coach Haase 262-369-3612 ext.3664




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